Black SwitchBlade Divot Tool

The Original SwitchBlade Divot Tool 

  • The best Divot Tool ever. Convenient, Portable, Solid and Extremely Durable.
  • Pop-up button for easy unfold of the fixer. This foldable divot tool helps avoiding spiking in your pocket.
  • Made from high quality stainless steel and aluminum with tool dimensions: 2.83x1.17x0.5in(Fold) 4.53X1.17X0.5in (Unfold). Weight only 52g/1.83oz.
  • This 'blades' can be used as a Groove Cleaner to remove mud and debris from irons.
  • Each tools comes with removable AGG + 'Just Tap That' ball marker that is attached by the magnet in the tool. 

The Original SwitchBlade Divot Tool is a lightweight divot tool made from high-quality ABS Stainless Steel and therefore very lightweight. The 'Original' SwitchBlade is available in 7 colors and comes with an AGG removable ball marker at NO CHARGE.

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